Adobe Lightroom


Adobe Lightroom


8 Sessions

Adobe Lightroom is a sophisticated and time-saving program designed to help you manage, adjust, enhance, print, and share your digital images. In this course we show you how to organize your photos, and how to adjust their colour, brightness, contrast, and sharpening as well as how to create an online image gallery.

I really enjoyed this class as I am not super computer savy but wanted to learn the lightroom program and it seemed daunting to do on my own. My instructor made the program easy for me to navigate. Thanks PrairieView for a great learning experience! Katey M.

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May 30-Jun 22 (Tuesday & Thursday) 7-9:30pm

Jul 4-Jul 27 (Tuesday & Thursday) 7-9:30pm

Aug 1-Aug 24 (Tuesday & Thursday) 7-9:30pm

Sep 6-Oct 25 (Wednesday) 7-9:30pm